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Category: In-Calf Heifers
Price: $ 1,695


These in-calf heifers have all the numbers, breeding, history, digits and size every farm looks for. Seventy-six out of seventy-eight have been AI'd. They have all been BVD ear notched and vaccinated.

They are from a very long established herd with a three digit code and have the high BW and PW to go with it.

Scott Perkins

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Scott Perkins

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Reference No. ICH20864DS
Breed Cross breed
Number for Sale 78
Price $/HD $1,695
Area Canterbury
AV BW 204
AV PW 215
Recorded Ancestry % 100%
AB Mated to (Breed) Kiwi Cross A2-A2 (6 days)
Natural Bull Mated Jersey
Calving Date 27 July 2021
Date Bulls In 20 October 2020
Date Bulls Out 23 December 2020
Delivery Date 1 May 2021
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