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Category: In-Calf Heifers
Price: $ 1,490


These have come on the market as the farm has been sold with the herd. The export content has been taken out. This leaves a very good line of high indexing well bred heifers with 50 plus years breeding behind them.

The vendor will look at early possession at a reduced rate!

David Topham

P:+64 3 318 1983
M:+64 27 435 2308
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David Topham

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Reference No. ICH20857DS
Breed J/JX
Number for Sale 48
Price $/HD $1,490
Area Canterbury
AV BW 206
AV PW 205
Recorded Ancestry % 100%
AB Company LIC
Natural Bull Mated Jersey
Calving Date 25 July 2021
Date Bulls In 16 October 2020
Date Bulls Out 1 January 2021
Delivery Date 1 May 2021
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