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Category: Herds
Price: $ 1,600


Our vendors have their XB/J type rising second calving heifers for sale. Very nice cows, milking well and ready to go.

These genuine young cows, at mixed aged prices, are an ideal line to top up your herd.

David Topham

P:+64 3 318 1983
M:+64 27 435 2308
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Reference No. H20909DS
Breed Cross breed
Number for Sale 38
Price $/HD $1,600
Area Canterbury
AV BW 135
AV PW 141
Recorded Ancestry % 95%
Aged 2 years 38
Kg MS/Cow 400
Kg MS/Ha 1,600
Farm Size 120ha
Somatic Cell Count 100
Number of Years Owned 7 years
Calving Date 29 July 2021
AB Company LIC
AB Mated to (Breed) Cross breed
Number of Weeks AI 5 weeks
Natural Bull Mated Friesian and Jersey
Date Bull Removed 8 January 2021
Shed Type Rotary
TB Status Clear
EBL Status Free
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