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Category: Herds
Price: $ 1,595


It is a standard line, but these cows will shift. They are a very even line of Jersey type cows, nice and even in the udders with good type.

They are coming off a difficult farm and will bloom on an easier farm. They have good indexes and recorded ancestry.

Scott Perkins

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Scott Perkins

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Reference No. H20880DS
Breed J/JX
Number for Sale 223
Price $/HD $1,595
Area West Coast
AV BW 153
AV PW 179
Recorded Ancestry % 93%
Aged 2 years 22
Aged 3 years 12
Aged 4 years 37
Aged 5 years 60
Aged 6 years 32
Aged 7 years 27
Aged 8 years 33
Kg MS/Cow 350 milk solids
Cows Milked 230
Somatic Cell Count 142,000
Number of Years Owned 8 years
Calving Date 10 August 2021
AB Company LIC
AB Mated to (Breed) Jersey A2 A2
Number of Weeks AI 5 weeks
Natural Bull Mated Jersey
Date Bull Removed 1 January 2021
Shed Type Herringbone
TB Status C10
EBL Status Free
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