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Category: Carry Overs
Price: $ 1,595


Stringently hand-picked cows selected by our vendors for conformation and high indexing. Very young cows from a regular client. All cows have had DCT and teat seal prior to them takng delivery, and throughout their ownership they have culled anything not up to the high standard they are known for selling.

All cows have had the added opportunity of three weeks AI to A2/A2 CRV Friesian, followed up with Hereford cross bulls and out prior to Christmas for a short and tight calving. All cows had been HT clear on Johne's and vaccinated for salmonella.

Excellent young high indexing cows you can buy with confidence that the job has been done right.

David Topham

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David Topham

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Reference No. CO20861DS
Breed F/FX
Number for Sale 82
Price $/HD $1,595
Area Canterbury
AV BW 146
AV PW 227
Recorded Ancestry % 99%
Aged 3 years 86
Aged 4 years 32
Aged 5 years 10
Calving Date 3 August 2021
Date Bulls In Hereford X 3 weeks after AI started
Date Bulls Out 22 December 2020
Bred in Calf To AI A2 A2 Friesian 3 weeks
Delivery Date 1 May 2021
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